Marriage Celebrant

Dr Jonathan Toussaint is a registered Marriage Celebrant (Licence no. A1306) by the Australian Government. He has more than 25 years of experience in making people’s significant day extra special. Being a qualified relationship counsellor, Dr Toussaint is able to understand and better capture the essence of the couple and incorporate those in the ceremonies he conducts. He thus creates a unique, meaningful, and unforgettable celebration. These qualifications make Dr Jonathan one of the best marriage celebrant.


One of the most important benefits of marriage is the declaration to the whole world that you are committed to the person for the rest of your life. Dr Jonathan Toussaint can make this momentous event more special by capturing the uniqueness of the relationship by adding a personal touch to your ceremony. He makes sure that every ceremony he will celebrate will perfectly capture the couple. As such, the couple is given the freedom to select the wedding vows and styles that will best describe them.

Commitment ceremonies

Since love does not know any religion nor gender, Commitment ceremonies have been performed for same-sex marriage. The flow of commitment ceremonies is similar to traditional marriage, but it is not legally binding. Regardless, it is an excellent opportunity to celebrate love and commitment. Good thing with this celebration is that you can design the ceremony the way you like it.

Marriage Celebrant - Marriage Celebrant

Renewal of vows

Re-confirm your commitment to your partner and celebrate another milestone in your marriage through the renewal of vows. Whether you want to highlight your experiences as a married couple or just want to profess your undying commitment to your partner, Dr Jonathan can help you create a meaningful ceremony depending on your vision.