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Keynote speeches are meant to do several things: inform, encourage, and inspire. Regardless of the purpose, one thing is similar in all keynote speeches-it must be given by experts in their field or people who have made breakthroughs in their studies because what they say is based on research and studies. If you are looking for a keynote speaker in medical and counselling topics, Dr Jonathan Toussaint is here to offer his services.

Keynote Speaker, Author, Mediator - speaker

A keynote speaker on medical and counselling topics

Dr Jonathan Toussaint’s academic and professional background in the field of medicine and counselling makes him the perfect keynote speaker for your event. Aside from having a Ph.D. in health science and a formal degree in psychology, Dr Jonathan Toussaint also has research studies and can discuss topics on neuroscience and social behaviour. His vast knowledge is also backed up with extensive firsthand experience on the topics above as he also works with not for profit organisations dealing with issues like mental health, relationships, workplace coaching, among others.

Dr Toussaint also has experience as a mediator in various conflicts involving mostly marital and family problems. With his vast experience in the academe and in the real world, he can provide useful insights and can impart plenty of knowledge to your audience. The knowledge that he will impart is backed with science and proven with actual examples and stories. You can guarantee that your audience will be satisfied with Dr Jonathan Toussaint’s keynote speeches and likewise you are assured with a well-informed audience in your next event.